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#TrashFreeStL is a collaborative initiative along with Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper, Wichita State University, the EPA-Region 7 and the first of its kind in the region to install floating trash traps in our waterways. The objective is simple - capture, remove, and document as much litter from the city's street run-off as possible before it reaches the Mississippi river. The data collected will help determine causes and solutions to the city's pollution problem, create federal funding opportunities, and lead the way in building a more sustainable and clean St. Louis.

A "trash trap" is exactly that - a trap for trash. And since 80% of ocean pollution originates inland, trapping and removing litter from our city's waterways is the first step to maintaining healthy rivers, oceans, and communities.

Meet the Trash Gobblin' Crew

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How to Support #TrashFreeStL

It's simple - buy soap.

Blue2Blue Conservation doesn't take donations. We aren't a non-profit.

We pick up litter and the soap keeps us going! Every purchase of our handmade, quality soap removes 5-gallons of litter from the waterways.

However, if you still want to donate

Click on the link: Donate to #TrashFreeStL

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