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Q: Do you really pick up a 5-gallon bucket of trash with every $20 purchase?

A: Yes! Blue2Blue Conservation is committed to picking up as much trash as possible and we keep records and take pictures of every bucket we remove. We also categorize and sort the waste to better inform the EPA and other organizations of what we're finding and where. This helps deal with the problem at the source.

Q: What do you do with your waste?

A: First we sort and categorize. Then Blue2Blue Conservation separates the recyclables from the non-recyclables and disposes each item in their proper containers.

Q: Which areas do you generally focus your trash collection?

A: St. Louis' water runoff feeds directly into the Mississippi which feeds directly into the Gulf. Because the majority of litter starts in the city, we spend a good amount of time removing garbage from area creeks, streams, and storm drains before they get to the “Ol’ Miss”. As we expand and need more trash pickers, we will be venturing into other states and even countries, while continuing to focus on the origins of pollution.

Q: How do I get involved?

A: It's easy: volunteer, sponsor more buckets, pick up trash from the sidewalk, educate younger generations on the downfall and effect of over-usage, and in the end, live deliberately and simply be content without excess wastefulness. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, share our posts, and educate others on the problem of pollution.

Q: Do you host volunteer cleanups?

A: We do and you can find out where and when on our Facebook page.

Q: Who do I contact if I would like Blue2Blue Conservation to present at my school or organization?

A: Please contact us at and we will happily discuss availability with you.

Q: Can I request a location for you to pick up garbage or host a volunteer cleanup?

A: You can if it isn't too difficult for us to get to. However, if it's Fiji, we'll happily accept a first-class ticket. Contact us at and let’s talk about it.

Q: What’s your dog’s name and does she help out?

A: Our loveable lab/pitbull mix, Brewster, is 10 yrs old and loves coming along with us to sniff out some garbage.

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